HR Advisory Service

HR Advisory Service

Employment regulations impacting organizations and HR functions have increased significantly worldwide in the last years and the number of governmental enforcement announcements and actions have jumped to a new height.
On the other hand, man y HR functions still have an administrative focus and are running their HR Operations on outdated assumptions:

“We have always done it this way”

In this constantly changing world, sticking to old practices leads to substantial risks.
The key challenge for any organization is to know the different areas of “RISKY BUSINESS IN HR” and the potential exposure to non-compliance.


Compliance in Human Resources (HR Compliance) governs the business and the Human Resources function to adhere with the employment regulations (legal compliance) and the organization’s HR policies, guidelines, processes, supporting applications and templates (HR Policy and Process Compliance)
Recent assessments of HR Operations clearly indicate that the risk awareness related to HR topics is dangerously low.